In response to climate challenges, PLN Nusantara Renewables participates in offering solutions to global climate issues through efforts to preserve biodiversity and energy transition.

The company's concern for the conservation of oceanic and terrestrial ecosystems is demonstrated through the Green Program, which includes tree planting around PLN Nusantara Renewables projects and in DKI Jakarta.

From 2022 to 2023, PLN Nusantara Renewables successfully planted 17,000 mangrove seedlings. These plants were chosen for their carbon sequestration capacity, which is four times higher than other trees, meaning they can capture and store CO2 from the atmosphere for a longer period. Additionally, mangroves help prevent coastal erosion and serve as natural habitats for marine life.

Nevertheless, the company also plants various tree species tailored to the needs and potential of the land surrounding its power plant projects.

Currently, PT PLN Nusantara Renewables is developing renewable energy-based power plant projects with a total capacity of 910 MW spread across Indonesia.

Batang Toru HPP

(510 MW)

Batang Toru HPP 510MW is one endevaour of PT PLN Nusantara Renewables to optimize potential water resources in favour of domestic electricity. This plant is a peaker plant with the specification of water consumption by 0.24 liter per kWh. Batang Toru HPP is targeted for commercial operation in 2026 and expected to be able to directly assist Sumatera electrical system and contribute to improving renewable energy use in Indonesian Government programs.

Cirata Floating PV

(192 MWp)

Floating PV Cirata will be the first Floating Power Plant in Indonesia and the biggest one in South Asia that is targeted to operate commercially in 2023. This project is a realization of PT PJBI’s committment to support the utilization of renewable energy as well as forms a cooperation between Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates.

Tanah Laut WPP

(70 MW)

This project is a shareholder assignment project to PLN Nusantara Renewables through the PLN Nusantara Renewables GMS on March 31, 2023. In its development, PLN Nusantara Renewables collaborates with Adaro Power and Total Eren. This project will contribute to supporting Indonesia's renewable energy utilization target and net zero emission target.

IKN Solar PV Power Plant

(50 MW

The National Capital Solar Power Plant (50 MW). Thisproject is a shareholder assignment project to PLN Nusantara Renewables to support electricity in the planned National Capital City (IKN) of the archipelago. In its development, PLN Nusantara Renewables will partner with strategic partners who are currently in the process of initiation.

Karangkates Floating Solar Power Plant

100 MWac


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