CSR for Pondok Domba School

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12 September 2022 • 3 min read

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On Monday, September 12, 2022, PT PJBI held a CSR activity by providing educational charity for Sekolah Pondok Domba, Kalijodo, Jakarta. Pondok Domba School was founded by social activists independently in 1999 with the aim of ensuring that every child could get a proper education. At Sekolah Pondok Domba, there are 71 children consisting of 17 kindergarten students and 54 elementary school students. The educational charity provided by PT PJBI came from PT PJBI’s employees and also PT PJBI's CSR funds. The educational charity consisted of a set of wall painting supplies, elementary school textbooks, educational toys, storage boxes, children's souvenir packages, lunch packages and also honorariums for the teachers.

The PT PJBI team visited the Pondok Domba school at 11.00. At that time, school hours were over. The event opened with greetings from representatives of PT PJBI – Corporate Secretary of PT PJBI, greetings from the Principal of the Pondok Domba School - Mr. Anggiat Simanullang, distribution of souvenirs and lunch, singing together and ending with a mingling with the students of the Sekolah Pondok Domba. The PT PJBI team was very inspired by the spirit of the founders and also the teachers who have voluntarily helped the children to get a proper education. We wish all the best for future endeavor of Sekolah Pondok Domba. 

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