Responsible for the Environment, PT PJBI Plants 17,500 Trees

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20 December 2022 • 3 min read

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In the event of PT PJBI's 7th Anniversary in December 2022, PT PJBI also participated in implementing the Reforestation CSR program in the form of planting good trees around PT PJBI's office locations and PT PJBI's projects. Through this program, PT PJBI intends to participate in contributing to building a better environment for sustainable life. The following is a list of the carried-out activities:

1.      Tree Planting Activities on Indonesian Tree Planting Day in Garut, West Java (In Collaboration with the PLTU Terapung Cirata (Floating Solar Power Plant) Project) on November 28th, 2022

In this activity, PT PMSE donated 150 tree seedlings and PT PJBI distributed assistance to the Tree Maintenance Facilitator as well as holding Indonesian Tree Planting Day activities at the West Java Province level on critical land in the Garut Regency area in 2022.

2.     Tree Planting Activities in Srengseng Sawah, Jakarta on December 13th, 2022

This activity is a collaboration between PT PJBI and Srengseng Sawah Village, Jakarta, which is located around PT PJBI's office. In this activity, PT PJBI donated 500 Cempedak Avocado seeds and operational assistance for tree planting.

3.     Mangrove Planting in the Area of PLTU (Steam Power Plant) Jawa 7 (In Collaboration with PLTU Jawa 7 Project) on December 14th, 2022

The location of PLTU Jawa 7 which is located close to the sea, makes the PLTU Jawa 7 area requires some mangroves planting. In this activity, PT PJBI planted 7,000 mangrove seedlings and also conducted some planting operations.

4.  Planting 10,000 Trees in the Area of PLTA (Hydropower Plant) Batang Toru (In Collaboration with the PLTA Batang Toru Project) on December 15th, 2022

During the reforestation activities in the PLTA Batang Toru project area, PT PJBI together with the PLTA Batang Toru planted 10,000 trees of various varieties suitable for planting in the area.

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