Stakeholder Management as a Key to a Successful Income Generation

Admin PLN Nusantara Renewables
23 June 2023 • 3 min read

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As an electricity investment company that currently focuses on developing commissioned projects, establishing good communication with subsidiaries and affiliated companies, partners, shareholders and various other stakeholders, coordination is a necessity that is always being prioritized.

The achievement of PJBI's net profit of 137% of the plan in 2022 cannot be separated from the contribution of revenue from PJBI’s investment in all Subsidiaries and Affiliated Companies. PLTU Jawa 7 as the only power plant under PJBI management that is already in the operating phase, managed to provide the highest contribution of Rp718.32 B through the SGPJB and Rp269 million through the GHPJB. On the other hand, in 2022 PJBI received its first dividend from PLTU Jawa 7 of Rp107.4 billion. This achievement did not escape the participation of PJBI in bridging communication and coordination with China Shenhua as a fellow shareholder in PT SGPJB and PT GHPJB, PLN as an off-taker and PLN Nusantara Power as a shareholder of PJBI. Meanwhile, good communication with the ultimate shareholder in NSHE, namely SDIC, also took place successfully which resulted in positive development performance of PLTA Batang Toru and contribution of operating income of Rp103.75 Billion. From 2 other projects, namely SSPewali as JVC of PLTU MT Sumbagsel 1 and PMSE as JVC of Cirata Floating Solar Power Plant, good communication was also established through strategic achievements in development performance and contribution to operating income of Rp1.28 Billion and Rp68.83 Billion, respectively.

Even more so, PJBI’s journey with the vision of being a World Class Electricity Investment Company still needs to be developed. For us, the Learning Curve will always be rolling to create continuous progress in making the best contribution to Indonesia and the world. The direction from PLN Nusantara Power as the majority shareholder of PJBI is also important as we learnt to ensure every step taken by PJBI is in line with the vision and strategic direction of the shareholders, which will contribute greatly to the Government of Indonesia's target for electricity development.

Thank you to all PJBI Subsidiaries and Affiliated Companies, Partners, Shareholders, Regulators and all other stakeholders for their support and good communication during 2022. Hopefully, all communication and synergy will be well maintained to provide clean energy for the progress of the nation.

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