Vibrant Celebration of the 8th Anniversary of PLN Nusantara Renewables

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19 December 2023 • 3 min read

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Jakarta, December 18, 2023 – The culminating event of the 8th Anniversary celebration of PLN Nusantara Renewables reached its pinnacle last Monday (18/12). Held at The Tribrata Darmawangsa, the celebration was a modest yet heartfelt expression of gratitude for the company's remarkable journey spanning eight years.

The event welcomed shareholders represented by PLN Nusantara Power, subsidiaries, and affiliated companies—SGPJB, GHPJB, NSHE, PMSE, and SSPewali—alongside esteemed business partners, as well as the entire Board of Commissioners, Directors, and employees of PLN Nusantara Renewables. To infuse the atmosphere with even more vibrancy, guests were encouraged to don their finest party attire and showcase their best makeup.

Themed "Greenfinity through Sustainability," the event unfolded over 1.5 hours from 19:30 to 21:00 WIB. Festivities commenced with a futuristic percussion performance, followed by welcoming remarks from the guests of honor, an engaging quiz with door prize giveaways, a captivating Bada Lohor cabaret performance, and concluded with a symbolic cake-cutting ceremony, signifying the celebration and the company's aspirations for the future.

Mr. Dwi Hartono, Finance Director of PLN Nusantara Power, shared his hopes for the upcoming year for PLN Nusantara Renewables, stating, "The achievements attained in 2023, particularly the inauguration of PLTS Terapung Cirata by the President of the Republic of Indonesia and the receipt of dividends from PLTU Jawa 7, are expected to lay a strong foundation for PT PLN Nusantara Renewables to further spread its wings, prioritizing the spirit of sustainability to achieve Green Infinity or Environmental Sustainability."

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