PLN Nusantara Renewables' Sustainable Commitment to Create a Stunting-Free Generation

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08 December 2023 • 3 min read

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Stunting, a condition characterized by growth failure in children due to inadequate nutritional consumption during pregnancy and the first 1,000 days of life, remains a pressing issue in Indonesia. According to, in 2022, the national stunting prevalence rate reached 21.6%, indicating that 2 out of every 10 children in Indonesia experience delays in growth and development.

Recognizing the severity of this issue, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia has prioritized the "Accelerating the Reduction of Stunting in Under-fives" program in its 2020-2024 National Medium Term Development Plan, aiming to reduce the prevalence rate to 14% by the end of the period. Various strategies have been employed, including enhancing access to nutritious food, providing nutritional education for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, community-wide campaigns emphasizing the importance of nutrition, and investing in health infrastructure. 

Additionally, targeted intervention services are offered to directly address stunting causes, led by Posyandu health cadres. These services encompass boosting nutritional intake for pregnant women with chronic energy deficiency, administering blood supplement tablets to pregnant women and teenage girls, offering complementary feeding to children aged 6-23 months, monitoring the development of children under five, and enhancing nutritional intake for malnourished children, among others.

Health cadres serve as the backbone of the stunting reduction program, functioning as extensions of the Government, Health Service, and Community Health Centers. They play pivotal roles in developing, assisting, and reporting on the progress of stunted children and those at risk of stunting on a monthly basis. Consequently, PLN Nusantara Renewables is committed to enhancing the capacity of these cadres, in alignment with its dedication to societal well-being.

On December 7, 2023, in conjunction with National Health Day, PLN Nusantara Renewables played an active role in accelerating the reduction of stunting prevalence rates in the Cilandak District through its CSR program. The company provided financial support by offering prizes for a quiz event targeting health cadres. Additionally, it supplied cooking equipment to bolster educational initiatives aimed at addressing stunting in the community.

This support is an integral component of PLN Nusantara Renewables' CSR program and is in line with the company's 8th Anniversary theme, "Greenfinity through Sustainability," which underscores the interconnected aspects of people, profit, and planet. Through these initiatives, the company exemplifies its dedication to the sustainable well-being of communities, fostering prosperity and productivity among its stakeholders.

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